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Subconscious Energy Session

Deep dive into your subconscious to find & release patterns that have been making your life harder.

  • 2 hr
  • 335 US dollars
  • Zoom Session

Service Description

Book Online & Choose the time that works best for you. The session says 2 hours, but will vary depending on where your subconscious takes us. I recommend having at least 2 hours available to complete the session just incase, but most people's first sessions falls within 45 mins - 1.5 hours depending on what their subconscious needs them to understand & release. Within 24 hours you will receive an email approving if the time you selected is available. If the time selected is not available we will email you to find another time that works best for you. I'm very excited to help guide you through your subconscious & improve your life!! The changes I have witnessed in the people who I have guided through this process are incredible. Sometimes the changes I see are so astounding that it is hard to grasp. People who come to me with conditions and together we make them disappear, it's truly the greatest & most fulfilling process. I am so grateful to have the experiences in my life that have lead me to doing this work. I am so grateful for you coming to me for my guidance to help your life become more beautiful & enjoyable! Let's make some miracles happen in your life! 💖

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