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Ashley Clair Skywalker doing Yoga on Ice

Let's Make Your Life Feel Truly
Whole & Fulfilling!

I'm Ashley Clair Teacher, Healer, & Spiritual Guide
& I want to help you live the life of your dreams!

Ashley Clair Skywalker Happy Under Waterfall

My Story

Through trauma I developed a rare disorder called Mast Cell Activation. It kept me from eating foods (at times I could only eat two things) and it kept me from being able to go places and breathe due to airborne allergies. I went to many specialists who all said there was no cure & the only way to survive was to avoid smelling and eating all but 2 foods. For years I went to specialists and tried experimental programs to cure my disorder. Eventually my condition kept me from being able to go to the doctors offices due to the fragrances of sanitizers and people having snacks in the purses or lunches in the back rooms. I left my home in the suburbs to live in the forest to avoid the smells coming from my neighbors houses down the street. I was not able to go normal places and could only see friends and family if they didn't wear deodorant and hadn't showered within at least 12 hours due to the smells of shampoo and soaps causing allergic reactions. Eventually I turned away from Western Medicine and in my search for a cure for myself I came across quantum physics and epigenetic research. After months of research deep dives I ended up getting into mediation This led me into learning about the subtle energy body and other healing practices. I started attending Metaphysical Universities for workshops, watching science panels, & taking classes to learn as much as I could about epigenetics and the way energy and emotions change the physical body. After just over a year of deep meditations and transformative experiences... IT HAPPENED. In a meditation the allergies/Mast Cell Activation left my body I felt it, I knew it, it was incredible! I was able to go places and breathe! I started going to stores, could pick up my kids from school without a mask, started going to places with crowds and foods and I COULD BREATHE WITHOUT ALLERGIC REACTIONS! I had heard of people curing their dis-ease and cancers through mediation and energy work, but hadn't heard of anyone curing Mast Cell Activation! I did it! I can breathe freely now and be around other people enjoying community and loving life! Through my journey I learned more than I ever would have otherwise. The Mast Cell Activation was my greatest teacher and I am thankful for the path it led me to. I am also very glad it is no longer a part of my physical body! 

Now I guide others on their journeys of healing mentally, physically, emotionally, and becoming more present; to truly enjoy the life they have.

I want to help you live the life you are meant for! 

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Ashley Clair Skywalker

My Meditation Workshop

I would like to express that I am so incredibly grateful to have brought my Meditation Workshop to fruition. I am "over the moon" levels of excited about the incredible impact this workshop will have on so many peoples lives! The opportunity to teach you how to meditate & facilitate your connection to source is an absolute blessing! In this course I make it easy to understand how to meditate and the science of what is actually happening to your brain & body when you do. 

This workshop is great for first-time meditators, and those who regularly meditate and are craving a deeper practice alike. In this course I provide you the tools for understanding how meditation truly works. Having a clear understanding of what you are doing when you meditate makes it easier & more enjoyable to meditate!

In this course I break down the science of brain waves, health benefits, and more to get you excited and ready for a life full of incredible, healing, and meaningful meditations!

Spiritual Life & Dharma Coaching with Ashley Clair Skywalker

Let's Get Weird!

The word "weird" has evolved from the Anglo-Saxon word "wyrd" which carried a meaning of Supernatural or Unexpected. This term was mostly used to describe acts of Goddesses and Gods in mythology. In order to embark on the journey of transforming your life into a truly fulfilled & heart-centered life where your intuition guides you and heal illness and trauma, you've got to be willing to get a little wyrd!

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