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1:1 Coaching with Ashley Clair

I'm Ashley Clair, and I am committed to guiding you in discovering your purpose and making positive transformations in your life!

I help guide people to find their soul purpose & work through limiting beliefs and energy blockages that are standing in the way of them becoming happier & healthier versions of themselves. 

Do you feel trapped in a routine, yearning for more excitement and satisfaction? 

Living without aligning with your purpose and passions may lead to stress, anxiety, and eventually health issues.

Epigenetics reveals that negative thought patterns, whether conscious or unconscious, can impact a person's genetics, affecting health. This underlines how stress, anxiety, and disharmony can influence well-being.

Imagine a more rewarding life where you break free from negative cycles and patterns, paving the way for a brighter future and a happier life! This is what my coaching sessions aim to achieve for you.

Let's collaborate to uncover the subconscious thought patterns that are holding you back in stressful and unfulfilling loops.

Let's explore the magic within you unleashing your potential toward a healthier, more fulfilling, & beautiful life!

1:1 Coaching with Ashley Clair

  • 1 Month Weekly Coaching

  • Each Session lasts 1 Hour

  • Includes a total of 4 sessions

  • $818

  • 3 Months of Bi-Weekly Coaching

  • Each Session lasts 1 Hour

  • Includes a total of 6 sessions

  • $1,222

  • 3 Months of Weekly Coaching

  • Each Session lasts 1 Hour

  • Includes a total of 12 sessions

  • $2,444

Watercolor Plants

Years of studies in quantum physics, anatomy, energetic anatomy, epigenetics, health sciences, yoga teaching, & ancient energy practices have made Ashley Clair a wealth of information and knowledge. 

A coaching session with Ashley Clair offers a unique and enriching experience. Benefit from her expertise as she provides simple practices to incorporate into your daily routine, guiding you on your personal journey.


Since coaching with Ashley Clair my life has improved and I am clearer on what I want in life. She helped me identify that I was stuck in the same loops in a bunch of different areas in my life & break free from repeating the patterns that were making my life miserable. 

-Brittany S.

I actually cannot even explain to you how much your coaching means to me. I have learned so much! The amount you have changed my life was so unexpected. I thought I'd just work through some issues mentally and get some good practices to implicate... It is so much more I even changed the way I sleep because she taught me about circadian rhythms. The difference in me is drastic! 

-Antoine F.

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