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Meditation 101

In this workshop I break down the science of meditation to make it easy to understand! You will learn the basics of brainwaves and how they relate to meditation, what different parts of the brain do during meditation, and science backed health benefits! Once you have an understanding of what your brain and body are doing I teach you how to meditate in Part 4. With my explanations you will develop an understanding of what to expect when meditating and how to really make it happen. After Part 4 I provide you with 3 different types of meditations so you can play around and see what types of meditation are your favorite!

With a clear understanding of what your brain & body is doing during meditation it makes it easier to meditate!

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the science side of things, no need to worry! I break complicated science down in easy to understand & relatable ways! If you would like to see my teaching style in action check out some of my Fun Facts from an Ice Bath Episodes Here: 

Meditation 101

This Course Contains 4 Learning Modules followed by 

 3 Guided Mediations

Part 1

In Part One I teach you the basics of brainwaves!

  • How to Recognize Different Brain Waves

  • The Different Characteristics of Brainwaves 

  • What Brainwaves are used in Meditation vs. in Waking Day!

  • Which Brainwaves are in the Conscious vs. Subconscious State  

After this part of the course you will have knowledge needed to develop the ability to recognize the differences in being in Beta, High Beta, Alpha, Delta, Theta, and Gamma Brainwaves.

Image by Omid Armin
Image by Robina Weermeijer

Part 2

In Part 2 it starts getting really fun!

You will discover how the different brain waves, you were introduced to in Part 1, affect sections of your brain!

You will learn what is happening inside of your brain to create the sensations we experience in mediation such as:

  • How Your Running Thoughts "Go Away"

  • Why You Lose Track of Time in Meditation

  • & More!

Part 3

In Part 3 I take you through some of my favorite health benefits and reasons to meditate! 

  • We will go over a some exciting scientific studies! 

  • Learn how mediation is anti-aging

  • How Mediation Improves your Immune System

  • Understand the difference between chronological and biological age & how mediation can make you biologically younger!

  • Touching on Experiencing Meditation High

  • & More!


Part 4

Part 4 ties together everything you have learned so far plus gives you a mini lesson on quantum physics. This makes you fully prepared as we start diving into mediation techniques!

  •  Different Styles of Mediation & How to Do Them

  • What To Do When You Struggle to Sit Still or Get into Meditations

  • Dive into a bit of quantum physics to further understand how mediation can change your life

  • What to Expect When Mediating

  • What is Meditation Sickness and Why it Can Happen

  • & More! 

Following the 4 Lessons,
Dive Into Practice as I Guide You Through Different Styles of Mediation


Who Is This Course For?

This course is for all levels. Whether you are just deciding to begin your mediation journey or have been meditating for years. The knowledge you will receive from this course can deepen anyone's practice!

I've Tried Meditating in the Past & Couldn't Do It. What is Different About This Course? 

Everyone can meditate! Unfortunately, there are many videos, programs, and classes that are vague and confusing on how to actually do it. This course makes it easy! It's why we go through basic brain waves and brain lessons before we dive in, so that you can truly understand what you are doing! Understanding what your brain & body are going through combined with the multiple techniques I teach can create breakthroughs for your mediation journey! 

I have ADHD/ADD Can I Still Meditate?

Absolutely! Ashley Clair has ADHD & ADD and also has experience teaching others with ADHD and ADD how to meditate! In this course you will learn techniques to get your brain to settle down and the science of how it works! 

Can I take this workshop if I am hearing impaired?

Yes! All content in this workshop has closed captions. 

This Course Sounds Great, But I'm Worried About If I Will Understand The Science...

I break complicated science down in easy to understand & relatable ways! If you would like to see my teaching style in action check out some of my Fun Facts from an Ice Bath Episodes Here:

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