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Subconscious Energy Sessions 

In these sessions Ashley Clair will guide you into Theta Brainwaves, where the subconscious can be accessed. While in theta brainwaves we will journey through your subconscious programming. Your subconscious programming is the primary deciding factor for how your body reacts to your environment.

Why is that important?

Studies have shown, on average people use their subconscious minds 95% of the day. This is extremely helpful for driving, walking, chewing, and many other daily tasks. It allows us to go on autopilot for tasks, so we don't have to consciously recall how to walk or sit in a chair which, allows us to allocate our brain activity to thinking about other things, having conversations, etc.

However, this is also why we can accidentally undermine our conscious choices!

For example, you may wake up wanting to have more self love! Then while you are in the present moment, actively thinking about embodying more self love, you're doing great! Your retraining & strengthening your neural pathways to care for yourself more! It's beautiful!

Sometimes this step is enough. You work on it actively and you do reprogram your brain towards more self love & you change your life!

Sometimes however, this is not enough. This is when going into your subconscious to find out & release what is there is important! For example, if you are trying to embody more self love, but your subconscious is playing the message "I'm not worthy" or "no one loves me" in the back of your head all day, when you are not in the present moment. 

This would prevent you from reaching your goal of embodiment of self love!

Journeying into the subconscious, finding where these negative thought patterns & stuck energies live in your body, and releasing them creates a permanent positive transformation!

This can be done for many types of stuck energies, limiting beliefs, and even physical limitations such as allergies. This can be a helpful solution for depression, self-confidence, empowerment, and so much more!

We program the majority of our subconscious by the time we are 7 years old. Thereafter, it is typically updated by events that hold a lot of emotion weight, such as traumas, break-ups, unexpected life changes or out of the ordinary wonderful moments such as the birth of a new child, adoption of a dog, or a proposal. 

Autoimmune disorders do not come from a specific gene & neither do cancers.

Instead, the way the environment is perceived by the individual person is then communicated to the cells as environmental signals. It is important to note the way the environment is perceived is more important than the actual environment. If you are in a negative situation & perceive it as positive that determines what type of environmental signal is sent to your cells. This also works the other way around where a positive situation can be perceived as negative & the negative signals will be what is sent to your cells.

This is why two people can smoke cigarettes and one can activate the signals and regulatory proteins to make copies of unhealthy genes that lead to cancer while the other person can activate the signals for regulatory proteins that do not lead to cancer. 

Another example of this comes from twins. Twins come from a single egg that split into two, meaning they have the exact same genes & DNA in the beginning of their lives. However with time the two start to differentiate  based off which environmental signals and regulatory proteins they activate. In turn, deciding what proteins to make from what RNA combinations. In short, twins are genetically the same in the beginning of their lives and by having different perceptions one can get allergies, cancer, depression, or autoimmune disease meanwhile the other may be happy and healthy. 

Sometimes it is hard to change your perceptions due to the subconscious programming running in the background of your life. Together we can explore your subconscious and the lessons it wants you to learn, as well as release negative thought patterns and beliefs. Which of course, through my research and also in my experience , directly ties to autoimmune disorders, allergies, and more!

If you are trying to improve your life & and it's not coming as easily as you feel it should, the subconscious energy sessions I offer are likely the solution you need to change your life!

Subconscious Energy Session 

  • 1 Subconscious Energy Session

  • Typically lasts 45 mins- 1.5 hrs


Subconscious Energy Session

+ 1:1 Coaching Session 

  • 1 Subconscious Energy Session which typically lasts 45 mins- 1.5 hrs

  • 1:1 Coaching Session with Ashley Clair (1 hr)


How It Works & F.A.Q.

Sessions times vary, however most subconscious energy sessions last between 45 mins to 1.5 hours.

As a rule of thumb, plan to spend at least two hours in the session, but know it may take less time. 

This is because each session we are guided by your subconscious once in theta brainwaves & the time depends on how what your subconscious needs to bring to your attention for your to release.

My shortest session was only 25 minutes and the person released all of their animal allergies!

My longest session to date was 4 hours & where we released tons of energy blockages, went into a past life, & they gained insight & clarity on why they had responded in negative ways to certain situations throughout their entire life.

In the Subconscious Energy Healing Session + 1:1 Coaching Session Package The coaching session length is 1 hour.

Note: This bundle does give you a coaching session at a discounted rate than my stand-alone coaching packages.

Sessions take place over Zoom.

At time of booking you select the time that works best for you. Sessions are available on weekends. If you select the package that includes coaching you will select the time for the energy session first & you will receive a second link to book the coaching session after the subconscious energy session.

Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Energy healing, is considered alternative, complementary approaches and does not replace the need for traditional medical care through a licensed professional. You should not stop, add, or change any medication , without the consent and of your doctor. 

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